Griffin Publication


Publishing Strong Voices

GRIFFIN publication is an initiative by the Author and Internationally acclaimed poet Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva. Being a published author and a poet herself, having worked as an editor for various publication houses, and also a freelance editor for seven long years, and a ghost writer, Mousumi realized the need of an ethical publishing house in India which could keep the dignity of Literature and Language. GRIFFIN publication sprouted out of her desire to help and support the genuine authors and poets and guide the young with the passion for writing to become established authors.

At GRIFFIN, only well written scripts would be accepted. However, the team would guide the aspiring authors to follow the right ways of writing and getting published. The Director herself is an author coach and would personally guide the aspiring authors to polish their writing skills and getting their story crafted to become worthy to be published. Every script would undergo the process of assessment by the Editorial Team and finally edited finely before giving it a shape of a book.

GRIFFIN publication aims to keep the standard of Language and Literature high with ethical practices. We assure you of our transparency and would stand firm by our strong honest principles. We request you to keep your patience throughout the publishing process and experience a wonderful journey with us in the long run.

 GRIFFIN in future aims to come up with educational institutions to enhance the various skills of the present and the future generation and secure the career of the aspiring youth in various fields.

                                             TRUST US AND WE KEEP YOUR TRUST SAFE